Dec 13, 2016

Trump to Duterte: PH is going 'The Right Way' in dealing with illegal drug problem

Trump to Duterte: PH is going 'The Right Way' in dealing with illegal drug problem
President Rodrigo Duterte had a phone conversation with President-elect Donald Trump saying that the Philippines is going 'the right way' in facing illegal drug problems.

Duterte said that he was greatly pleased with how he and Trump understood each other. 

"He was quite sensitive to our war on drugs and he wishes me well in my campaign and said that we are doing, as he so put it, 'the right way'," Duterte said to a reporter in Davao City last Saturday after his short phone call with Donald Trump.

However, Washington's stand on the President's war on drugs remains critical and this lead to Duterte's displeasure.

Despite the issue, Duterte and Trump seemed to have a good exchange and even gave each other travel invitations.

"He has invited me to visit New York and Washington DC. He said if I am around, he wants to be notified of my presence. And I mentioned to him about the ASEAN Summit next year and he said he would try his best to be here. He wants to attend the summit and would be great for our country. I could sense a good rapport," Duterte said.

Duterte said that Trump also wished him success on his campaign against illegal drugs.

"He was wishing me success in my campaign against the drug problem. He understood the way we are handling it and he said there is nothing wrong with protecting our country. It was very encouraging in the sense that I suppose that what he wanted to say was that he would be the last to interfere in the affairs of our own country," Duterte said.

Source/s: TNP, CNN

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