Mar 30, 2017

Open letter to biased PH media: 'You are no longer as powerful as in the older days'

Open letter to biased PH media: 'You are no longer as powerful and as influential as in the older days'
A demolished trust, regardless of how hard one may attempt to win it back, will as of now be always destroyed. In spite of the fact that excused, without a doubt, it's always remembered.

As we probably aware, it's not something to be forced, but rather to be earned. What's more, being one-sided is the embodiment and fastest approach to break such instantly.

In media, then again, losing it is the most exceedingly bad thing that would ever transpire. For taking sides, regardless of how enormous they endeavor to disguise it flawlessly, still normally unfurls - much sooner than they know it.

Attempting to direct by far most of the Filipinos wouldn't simply work and will beyond any doubt abandon them in dismay that could reinforce the cutting edge variant of EDSA individuals power by today's residents' ravenous for up and coming change.

Read the Open Letter below and find out how disappointed the author is to the Philippine Media.


Dear Philippine Media,

Thank you for showing your true colors. Now the whole country knows how UNRELIABLE and BIASED you really are. I sincerely congratulate you for making all efforts.

President Duterte was correct when he said today that you are 'bastos', unfair, rude and corrupt!

I only have one piece of advise for you. I suggest you become wise and change side. Since you are already biased, how about changing gears in favor of the President? Not bad right?

Besides, the other party you are trying to cover up are losers. I'm quite certain after this, they will travel abroad and escape the inevitable persecution of the law because of their anomalies. AND YOU, THE MEDIA, will be left here in the country and will have to deal with a Duterte Presidency.

So be shrewd. Be proactive. Support President Duterte while you still have time.

You don't have a choice. You are no longer as powerful and as influential as in the older days. We, the NETIZENS, are taking over!

Concerned Dutertard - Partner for Change

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