Apr 5, 2017

Journalist: Aquino never fired his corrupt men, thank God that's over

Journalist: Aquino never fired his corrupt men, thank God that's over
Journalist Jojo Robles pointed out after President RodrigoDuterte fired one of his closest allies that President Benigno Aquino III never did the same even if his men were perpetrating crimes.

Duterte fired Interior Secretary Ismael Sueno after the latter was accused of enriching himself through his position.

Sueno was fired for the President's lack of trust.

In a Facebook post, Robles said he is glad that the era of Aquino is over.

He said Aquino never fired one of his men, as he believed that doing so would a sign of his weakness, as it is he who appointed his officials.

"In six years, Noynoy only ever fired Arroyo appointees, never his own bata-bata. He even put a suspended police official in charge of a sensitive operation. Mamasapano was the direct result of that," he said.

He said Aquino, who has never held an executive position, had the top requirement of loyalty from his men.

"He sincerely believed that letting go of someone you hired reflects badly on you as the guy who did the hiring,"

Robles said that this is the cause of the cries and corruption of the Aquino administration.

"That is the idiotic policy which protected all the thieves and incompetents for six years of Aquino, people whose only real talent was sucking up to the boss. People like Abad, Abaya, Roxas, De Lima, Soliman, Naguiat, Honrado, Purisima (both of them) and that entire rogues' gallery of so-called high public officials," he said.

"Thank God that nightmare is over," he added.

SOURCE: Jojo Robles

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