Apr 21, 2017

'Be a Gina Lopez in a nation full of Leni Robredo', says int'l relations expert

'Be a Gina Lopez in a nation full of Leni Robredo', says int'l relations expert
Social media activist and international relations expert Sass Rogando Sasot's first column for  the Manila Times was published and it called on to the critics of President Rodrigo Duterte to substantiate their arguments.

"In other words, be a Gina instead of a Leni,' says Sasot referring to Environment Secretary Gina Lopez and Vice President Leni Robredo.

"Though Lopez isn’t part of the Opposition, she’s worthy of emulation by those who want to translate their love for our country into action. Her passion comes with a vision and a plan,"she said.

Sasot noted how Lopez before being a part of Duterte's cabinet queued up to meet him in wee hours and urge him to stem out illegal mining.

Lopez she said was armed with a thoughtfully crafted presentation.

Unlike Lopez, she said Robredo kept swamping the country with stale political slogans.

"Robredo has no riveting strategy, just a litany of emotional appeals punctuated by a smile. She’s definitely not an adept general that could lead her troops to win any war at all," she said recalling Robredo's failure at being part of the president's cabinet.

"While Lopez persists even in the face of great resistance, Robredo gave up and became damsel in distress. She made herself disposable," she said.

"The Opposition should cease being a Leni Robredo, and start being a Gina Lopez. Time to have a gripping vision with a plan. Present it with ardor. The passionate mass of Duterte supporters might not accept what you say, but gaining acceptance isn’t the goal. The goal is to provide the creative tension this administration needs to keep itself on track in its quest to give every Filipino a more comfortable life", Sasot ended

She said the opposition should be a Lopez and not a Robredo.

Source: Manila Times

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