Apr 4, 2017

Church files for bankruptcy after being convicted for 400 child abuse incidents

Church files for bankruptcy after being convicted for 400 child abuse incidents
A Roman Catholic diocese in Montana, USA has filed for bankruptcy after being given a guilty verdict for 400 incidents of child abuse.

The Diocese of Great Falls-Billings, according to church officials is filing for bankruptcy to deal with large settlements that they owe to seventy three child s*x abuse victims.

“On behalf of the entire Diocese of Great Falls-Billings, I express my profound sorrow and sincere apologies to anyone who was abused by a priest, a sister or a lay church worker,” Bishop Michael Warfel said.

 “No child should experience harm from anyone who serves the church," he added.

None of the accused are still active in parish work, some are deceased.

Lawyer Timothy Kosnoff, representing some plaintiffs, claimed that the case marked the 15th diocesan bankruptcy in the U.S. involving s*x abuse claims.

“Bankruptcy represents the only realistic mechanism for working through the myriad of issues involved in case of this nature,” he said.

“Despite this sensible step forward, speedy resolution is unlikely and the future of the diocese remains clouded," he added.

In 2014, The Diocese of Helena also filed for bankruptcy to settle 360 claims of abuse by priests, nuns and lay workers.

Two s*xual abuse lawsuits were filed against the Diocese of Great Falls-Billings — one in February 2012 and another the following June.

For two decades, the diocese had abuse prevention programs.

The programs include screening and training for employees, volunteers, priests and seminarians and an independent board to review claims.

SOURCE: Your News Wire, CBS News

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