Apr 6, 2017

'Duterte has rendered a Solomonic decision in giving houses to Kadamay', says doctor

'Duterte has rendered a Solomonic decision in giving houses to Kadamay', says doctor
Dr. Ethel Pineda from UERMMMC in her Facebook post commented on the recent decision of President Rodrigo Duterte to let the Kadamay group who have illegally taken houses meant for police and military men in Bulacan, keep the houses they occupied.

Pineda wrote that while it is true that those who have less in life should have more in law, these people should not circumvent it.

She said Duterte has rendered a Solomonic decision, and that she hopes that the President's promise to make better new homes to police and militarymen be delivered.

"There was failure of the concerned government agencies ( the National Housing Authority, for one) to secure and protect the project. The illegal takeover of the members of Kadamay could have been prevented, saving  the president from this  predicament," she said.

Pineda claimed that members of the legislature openly encouraged the invasion of the housing projects and that they should be censured.

She said that the units have been unoccupied for five years.

"Why was there a delay in completion and distribution, considering the urgency of the need for the members of the Philippine National Police and the Armed Forces of the Philippines and their families to have roofs over their heads?  It is common knowledge that many members of the police and armed forces are forced by financial constraints to live in slums, cheek by jowl with criminal elements.  Imagine what complicated and, yes, dangerous situation this creates,"

Pineda noted that the homes have no access to water and electricity.

The homes were built under the previous administration.

Pineda said that the bigger question would be why the homes are in that state.

"What kind of planning (or the absence of it) has basic utilities as an afterthought ? Which begs the question: who made money here?" she said.

"We, the people demand a proper investigation and appropriate course of action for those who are responsible for opening the floodgates of anarchy," Pineda added.

SOURCE/s: PhilStar, Dr. Ethel Pineda

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