Apr 4, 2017

German national admires Duterte for changes in PH: 'You are on the right track'

German national admires Duterte for changes in PH: 'You are on the right track'
Norbert Gresser, a medical specialist married to a Filipina gave a video message to President Rodrigo Duterte asking him to never give up on the country, as the progress of his administration are already in sight.

Gresser said he has been in a country for many years and has recognized the changes in it.

He said he was in the country during typhoon Yolanda to extend help and medical aid to the victims.

He said not only were the donations from foreign countries poorly distributed during the time of President Benigno Aquino III, but the measures taken by the government to extend help were very poorly executed.

Gresser said that this changed after Duterte sat as president.

Gresser said to Duterte that even in just a few months, the President has decreased crime rate significantly and there were a lot of protests which helped bring the country to a better situation.

He said Duterte shut down illegal mining, gave free access to schools and universities and he is improving the infrastructure of the country.

"Please stay on that way. you are on the right track," Gresser said.

"You are the hope of the Filipinos. Please never give up on us. You have our back," he stated.

Watch full video below:

SOURCE: Maharlika 

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