Apr 21, 2017

Wow! Here's why President Duterte declined the UP honorary degree

Wow! Here's why President Duterte declined the UP honorary degree
President Rodrigo Duterte who has recently been offered an honorary doctor of laws degree by the University of the Philippines declined the offer, claiming that he doesn't need awards since he is being compensated for his work.

Duterte on Wednesday said that he dislikes being given recognition.

The President politely declined the offer, saying it is not a necessity for him.

“It has always been my policy both as personal and official that I do not accept awards or honor,” Duterte said.

“So in terms of my work, I have always said that I am paid to do it. So why should I receive it? Why should you give me so many awards? Bayad na ako eh,” he added.

The President explained that he the people's welfare is a bigger concern for him than being recognized for his work.

The Honoris Causa award offered by UP Board of Regents has traditionally been offered to all Filipino presidents since the time of Manuel Quezon.

To date, only three presidents have declined the award, Duterte along with former Presidents Joseph Estrada and Gloria Arroyo.

SOURCE: Politiko

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