Apr 21, 2017

Int'l relations expert questions Ombusdman's move to dismiss Dunkin Donut tax issue

Int'l relations expert silences Inquirer after it answered her post on Dunkin tax evasion
Social media activist and international relations expert Sass Sasot in her Facebook page "For the Motherland" brought up the case of Philippine Daily Inquirer whose other business portfolio, Dunkin Donuts allegedly got away with tax evasion.

Sasot posted a screenshot of a conversation between an anonymous netizen who asked Inquirer about the case and was told by the latter that the case was dismissed by the Ombudsman and by the court in 2000.

Sasot questioned this explanation as she said that it was not the obligation of the Ombudsman to investigate a private corporation and that the case was filed in 2010 by former BIR officer Thello Delanon who reported about BIR revenue officer Kim Henares being involved and also recommended the criminal prosecution of the company.

"So Inquirer, paano naresolve ng 2000 ang issue eh 2010 nasubmit ang report ni Delanon?"

The report pointed to Dunkin Donuts secretary Marixi Prieto who allegedly talked to Henares and BIR regional director Valeroso to get leniency from tax.

Inquirer commented on the post clarifying that the case has been dropped by the ombudsman.

Sasot replied that this only meant that the Ombudsman did not discuss the merits of the case.

"So the case wasn't dropped at all,"  she said.

Inquirer has yet to respond to Sasot's comment.

Source: Sass Sasot

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