Apr 19, 2017

Kris Aquino slams ABS-CBN in post about her Hollywood offer

Kris Aquino slams ABS-CBN in post about her Hollywood offer
Actress and former presidential sister Kris Aquino threw shade at her former home network ABS-CBN when she posted about the latest project she got, which is a Hollywood role.

On an Instagram post on Saturday, Aquino said that the past year has been tough for her, professionally.

“For a year, I experienced rejections. A part of my spirit broke. There were 2 shows i lost because hiring an Aquino for TV was a political risk not worth taking,” she wrote, without mentioning ABS-CBN.

Aquino's brother, former President Benigno Aquino III stepped down from the presidency during this point in time.

After three months when President Rodrigo Duterte sat as the new president, Kris left the network which has served as her home for two decades.

Aquino's post might have directly named the company, yet there were speculations that this would have meant that ABS-CBN was not supportive of her during these times.

ABS-CBN has been a target of criticisms for Duterte as he accused it of being biased in its reportage.

Aquino however, is on the bright side of things with the "major Hollywood studio role" awaits her.

“I passed 5 levels of intense scrutiny and was offered a role. It is surreal to be reading the script from a major Hollywood studio watermarked on every page with my name," she said.

SOURCE: Politiko

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