Apr 4, 2017

Magdalo member Gary Alejano plans to run for senator in 2019?

Magdalo member Gary Alejano plans to run for senator in 2019?
Magdalo member Gary Alejano who recently filed an impeachment case versus President Rodrigo Duterte is said to be planning to run for elections in 2019.

Alejano filed the case after the incidence in which Vice President Leni Robredo sent a video message to the United Nations in which she spoke of Duterte's drug war with emphasis on the extrajudicial killings being perpetrated in the country.

The camp of Alejano has claimed that the case was not in any way related o the criticisms received by Robredo following the release of her video.

Their camp said that they did not back-up nor support the issue of EJK's raised by Robredo to the international community.

Alejano was part of the Magdalo group with Senator Antonio Trillanes who was branded as "yellow" after he released the talk about Duterte owning millions in a secret  BPI attack which remains unproven to date.

Rumors are that the noise Alejano is making  is attributed to a rumored passion to run for senator the next elections.

Alejano's camp has yet to respond to the rumor. He has also added a supplemental complaint to the impeachment case he filed on March 30. The complaint was for Duterte's statements  on Benham Rise and the West Philippine Sea, wherein the President is said to have betrayed public trust when he failed to assert the country's rights to the territories.

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SOURCE: Dugong Maharlika

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