Apr 7, 2017

Miriam Santiago's sister shades Leni, asks Loida Lewis for daughter's scholarship

Miriam Santiago's sister shades Leni, asks Loida Lewis for daughter's scholarship
Paula Defensor Knack, the sister of the late Senator Miriam Santiago called on to Filipino-American billionaire lobbyist Loida Nicolas Lewis to sponsor her daughter's education to either Harvard or Oxford, four days after Vice President Leni Robredo announced that her daughter was accepted to the aforementioned schools.

Knack said that the people who get into a scholarship in Harvard are most often involved in anomalies.

"Ang ordinaryong tao hindi kaya....Saan galing ang pera ? Laging sangkot sa anomalya ang nakapag-aaral sa Harvard..Kung merong scholarship na multi-purpose kahit saang university, let's try !" she said.

The post was after Robredo announced that her 29-year-old daughter Aika, or Jessica Marie got into Harvard and Oxford and will push through if her scholarship applications are granted.

Knack called on to Liberal Party financier Lewis to sponsor her daughter in a doctoral study in international affairs at Harvard or Oxford or Cambridge.

She said she does not have funds from plunder.

Knack said her daughter is twenty-five and a defense and security specialist and has been quoted in prestigious publications like the EU, Time, the British Government and the Economist.

She said her daughter's thesis won "best masteral thesis" and that she is fluent in several languages.

"We don't own a building nor a BMW" Knack said, shading Robredo.

Read below full post of Paula Defensor Knack:

Miriam Santiago's sister shades Leni and asks Loida Lewis for daughter's scholarship

SOURCE: Paula Defensor Knack

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