Apr 2, 2017

SHOCKING: Marcos diary says Lopezes and ABS-CBN tried to kill him

SHOCKING: Marcos diary says Lopezes and ABS-CBN tried to kill him
Former President Ferdinand Marcos in his diary revealed that the Lopez family, owners of ABS-CBN, repeteadly tried to assassinate him.

According to Marcos, a commander from the News People's Army revealed to him that after martial law, the family asked men to kill him.

This information was found in the diary of Marcos himself, dated April 17, 1972.

According to the diary, Frank Starr implicated Col. Lino Aragon Angara, nephew of late President Manuel Quezon in a plot to assassinate him.

He said that the plan was to let the Vice President take the Presidency after he died.

Fernando Lopez was the Vice President then, and fter he assumes power his group would take over the Philippines.

"This is not the first time that the Lopezes have conspired against my life. Since 1969 they have so at least three times," the diary read.

He said the old plot of Eleuterio Adevose under Osmena was connected to the Lopezes.

One of the objectives of his assassination, he said, was the financial and propaganda support from the Lopezes to the NPA.

"Thru Commander Melody of the NPA was assigned to this mission. Commander Melody confessed this," he said.

SOURCE: Bagong Lipunan

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