May 22, 2017

ASEC Mocha Uson slams Bam Aquino over his EU aid remarks: “Ito ang pinaka-sablay na sinabi mo”

ASEC Mocha Uson slams Bam Aquino: “Nanalo (ka) lang dahil sa pangalan”
PCOO Asec. Mocha Uson condemns Senator Bam Aquino because of his remarks regarding the rejection of the administration on European Union aid to the Philippines.

Bam Aquino said “If we are refusing aid because we are self-sufficient, why are we then planning to burden our countrymen with more taxes,” contradicting the decision of the President in turning down European Union’s aid.

Asec. Uson said that statement of the senator is an epic fail. She added, “Malalaman mo talaga ang nanalo lang dahil sa pangalan o pamilya hindi dahil sa mga nagawa at talino.”

Asec. Uson then stated, “magkaiba ang purpose ng aid at tax”. She asked that if Senator Bam is going to accept the aid, is he willing to fulfill the conditions attached to the said aid? “Bigyan ng pera tapos sunod sunuran na lang”, she added.

Asec. Uson furtherly elaborated that paying taxes is a responsibility and a duty of every Filipino for the benefit of this country and we should not to resort to begging alms and handouts of foreign nations, and blindly follow what they order us to do.

Asec. Uson said, “Naman Mr. Aquino kahit elementary alam yan”. The senator shouldn’t be like that, she ended.

Source: Mocha Uson Blog

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