May 23, 2017

Columnist Antonio P. Contreras: The EU Grant in Mindanao is just a tip of an iceberg

Columnist Antonio P. Contreras: The EU Grant in Mindanao is just a tip of an iceberg
In their radio program yesterday, Antonio P. Contreras with Conrad Banal exposed that according to dependable and reliable sources, the EU grant issue is not really about what is being talked in the media right now.

Contreras said that the controversial EU grant is supposed to be given to Bangsamoro specifically. As revealed by the source, Contreras stated that in return of the said grant, EU was imposing some condition in certain matters which ‘encroach’ into our sovereignty.

Contreras asserted “the President assigned DOF Secretary Dominquez to study the financial implications, which the latter assigned to an ASEC who in turn concluded that we will get by even without the funds."

The official then blabbed about his findings on that matter to the EU counterpart. As Contreras wrote in his Facebook page, “Now, it turned out that this official told in confidence his EU counterpart about this. The EU official broke the confidence and alerted his boss even without the specifics. This created the impression that the ban is on all EU grants when in fact it was only for that specific grant.”

He said that ‘this explains why the economic cluster was not appraised.’

Contreras also reiterated that this clarifies why the Palace insisted that it was only on a specific grant and it was the advice of the Department of Finance.

Therefore, Contreras assumed that this grant has no business on EJK, Leila de Lima’s release outside the prison cell nor legalizing abortion.

Source: Antonio P. Contreras

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