May 20, 2017

Constitutional law expert lambasts Alejano! “Ang kapal ng apog mong kumag ka!”

Constitutional law expert lambasts Alejano! “Ang kapal ng apog mong kumag ka!”
Magdalo Party List Gary Alejano said that there was a “palit-ulo” or bargaining chip that is why his impeachment complaint was killed, as to the report of Inquirer.Net. Alejano accused that members of the majority in the lower house might negotiated with Robredo’s cohorts and might have offered to vacate the impeachment complaint against the latter.

Atty. Bruce V. Rivera was a law instructor who specializes in Persons and Family Relations, Constitutional Law, and Administrative Law & Law on Public Officers and prominent Facebook blogger.

Atty. Rivera posted his resentment to Alejano and recommended him to review the committee deliberations about the latter’s case against the president for him to realize how fool he looked like answering questions asked unto him.

"Ang kapal talaga ng apog nitong kumag na ito. Panuorin mo ang replay ng committee deliberations mo at kung gaano katanga ang mga sagot mo.," Rivera said.

The lawyer also said that Alejano must keep the possible VP impeachment complaint out of context or must not even dare to bargain the junked complaint in exchange to the VP’s.

He further explained the even Pres. Duterte requested the group of Rivera not to file a complaint against Robredo, which they defied, in addition to (Atty. Oliver) Lozano’s impeachment rap.

He also pointed out that no members of the house can break their independence and looked like a fool to be used as their leverage. 

Atty. Rivera also expounded to wait for the actions on Robredo’s impeachment since the quest is not yet over.

"Maghintay muna tayo at hwag isipin na patay na ang impeachment na naifile namin. Kasi hindi pa tapos ang laban. Alam ng mga kongresista na galit ang taumbayan sa ating Bise," he said.

If their movement can make a candidate be the President, they can make a candidate lost in the election, he ended.

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