May 15, 2017

'Ding ang Bato': PNP chief finally meets his crush Angel Locsin

'Ding ang Bato': PNP chief finally meets his crush Angel Locsin

“With the permission of my wife, I’ve finally met my crush, Angel Locsin”

Every single fan dreamt of meeting their celebrity crushes personally. Philippine National Police Chief Ronald “Bato” Dela Rosa is not an exemption on that idea. But last Saturday he has finally met his celebrity crush, Angel Locsin, but only after being granted by the permission of his “commander”.

On a photo posted on official Facebook page of Ronald “Bato” Dela Rosa last May 13, 2017, Dela Rosa, with his sheepish smile, was standing right next to Angel Locsin. It was remembered the Dela Rosa admitted his admiration to Locsin in a radio interview last year.

On the other side, when Dela Rosa was asked if there is a chance of taking a shot to Ms. Locsin, he honestly expressed that he was afraid of his wife.

He also said that he hoped that the actress will play the role of the famed Filipina heroine Darna because he believes that she was the perfect image for DARNA. For the past few years, Locsin played a role of Darna in a known television network.

Dela Rosa was known not only as the tough PNP Chief but also a very loving husband and a certified gentleman. Most netizens were happy for being considerate on his “commander”. The followers of Ronald “Bato” Dela Rosa Official Page expressed that they were pleased that the PNP Chief has always been acknowledging his wife and he was setting an example of what a Filipino men should be.

Indeed, Dela Rosa proved that even the “stone-hard” general is also a normal human being with a heart.

Source/s: LionhearTV, ABS-CBN News

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