May 16, 2017

Former campaign strategist of Robredo expresses disgust on Leni's new radio show

Former campaign strategist of Robredo expresses disgust on Leni's new radio show
Because of Leni Robredo’s eagerness to do something during her term as the vice president of the Philippines, she started to host a radio program to promote her advocacies as the second highest public official of this country.

On the contrary, Maria Lourdes Navarro Tiquia, found the radio program a very cheap strategy to spread a good propaganda for the vice president.

Maria Lourdes Navarro Tiquia is a noted campaigner and political strategist in the Philippines and even in Asia. She is a competent and political management expert and a policy analyst, hence combining politics and policy in her 29 years of professional career. She was the former political strategist of Leni Robredo. 

In her public post in Facebook, Tiquia expressed her disgust against Robredo. Tiquia then asked what is the radio show for? On what purpose does the radio show is? She also said that even a prominent name like “De Castro” avoided hosting such public service program so to respect the Office of the Vice President.

Tiquia said that it seems like Leni was waiting for the crow. In addition to this, Tiquia threw series of questions in her post, “Who suggested this again?  Why? Why cant you see through all? So, this is to arrest the free fall? Seriously?!”

This post even got support from other netizens. They even joked that maybe the VP will also have a drama anthology like MMK. 

Taking from a celebrated and expert political analyst like Tiquia and the way she reacts on the engagements and dealings of Robredo, it seems like the VP has taken a wrong move.

Below is the full post of Tiquia:

Screenshot from Malou FB post

Source: Malou Tiquia

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