May 30, 2017

International relations expert explains why Duterte needs to be a lion and a fox

International relations expert explains why Duterte needs to be a lion and a fox
International relations expert Sass Sasot posted a cryptic message from Machiavelli, “The lion cannot defend himself from traps and the fox cannot protect himself from wolves. One must therefore be a fox to recognize traps, and a lion that frightens wolves. ”

Sasot stated that the extremist group ISIS has been eyeing the Philippines to be its wilayat, their province in the Philippines as speculated and even the Indonesian Armed Forces seem to consider the same.

Sasot cited that the attack in Marawi City, and the Maute Group raising the ISIS’ flag, not including those rebellions and bombings in different parts of Mindanao, prompted the President to declare Martial Law in Mindanao. Many detractors instantly opposed the decision of the President, stating that those individuals were just rats. But Sasot observed that these are ‘highly-idealistic rats with indomitable resolve”- with a great belief that their God will favor them.

“To subdue the enemy’s resolve, Duterte cannot afford to show low resolve in meeting that threat. He must act swiftly to weaken the motivation of these rats and subdue their will to fight by demonstrating the government’s resolve to defeat them, convincingly.” This commentary of Sasot implies that Duterte was using the highest and most applicable solution to exterminate the rats who tries to cause terrorism and wield the name of ISIS to gain power and reinforcements from the international extremist group.

Sasot also stated that any sign of Duterte’s weakness and indecisiveness will stimulate enemy’s eagerness to bring chaos in the country. Sasot also observed that people who aren’t pleased by the president’s pronouncement see it as an “immoral” act.

Sasot quoted Robert Kaplan that ‘ensuring a nation’s survival sometimes leaves tragically little room for private morality,’ indirectly saying that if President Duterte’s morality was under fire just because he did something that would save his country from terrors and insurgencies, even if it brings inconvenience to those well-meaning individuals, and held himself liable, then proves that he was the right man to lead this country. 

“Condemn him all you want but he has a Republic to defend and preserve.”

As an explanation of the aforementioned cryptic message, President Duterte must be a fox in order to smell the threats and terrorization of these notorious groups and be a lion to frighten and intimidate the enemy, if not neutralize those ill-minded groups roaming in Mindanao.

Source: Sass Sasot

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