May 29, 2017

Mindanaoan netizens say: 'Ganito kasaya ang Martial law dito sa Mindanao!'

Mindanaoan netizen say: 'Ganito kasaya ang Martial law dito sa Mindanao!'
Another netizen proves that President Rodrigo Duterte is the new hero of this country as he posted a video of President Duterte being flocked by the civilians.

In the video, the supporters patiently waited the convoy of the President. As the President stepped out his vehicle, the crowd cheered with joy and excitement, as if they are cheering for the superhero they idolized during childhood.

The supporters started to chant President Duterte's name, raising their fists (Duterte's trademark) to express their allegiance to the beloved President.

Netizens expressed their compliment for the president.
Screenshot from Facebook

Screenshot from Facebook

Even though President Duterte was known to be a tough talking leader and a certified disciplinarian, he has his charm and aura that makes him the hero of the mass and the defender of the poor.

Check out full video below:

Source: Imong Kagaral

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