Jun 1, 2017

Prominent Lawyer requests Pres. Duterte not to give in to the terrorists’ demands

Prominent Lawyer requests Pres. Duterte not to give in to the terrorists’ demands
“Mr. President, please do not give in to the demands of the terrorists.”

Atty. Glenn Chong explained in his official Facebook account that the President shall not consider pulling out government troops in Marawi. The terrorists demanded thru Father Teresito “Chito” Suganob, vicar general of Marawi City, to withdraw the government forces, stop the air strikes and any other offensive attacks from the military troops.

“Pulling back our troops as demanded by the cornered terrorists is a grave mistake. It will show weakness on the part of the state and its armed forces. It will give them another day to plan and attack our peaceful communities once again with their never-ending thirst for blood and violence,” said Atty. Chong.

Atty. Chong said that considering their demands will ignite another disaster. And the rebels will hav another demand once the state gave in. Giving in to their demands weakens the government’s power over them, giving way to more lawless elements to execute alarming activities, sabotaging our economy, killing more innocent people.

He also cited what happened in Iraq, and Syria, where the government never gave their demands instead bombarded them with offensive assault. In his opinion, Atty. Chong sees that eliminating them is the only solution to defend the citizens and the government shall ‘send a clear message to foreign jihadists that they will surely meet their deaths if they extend their violent adventures to our borders.’

In Atty. Chong’s, opinion,collateral damage is 'inevitable, evitable, regrettable and painful’ but the government must not ‘never lose sight of the bigger picture – the preservation of the state and its people.

Source: Glenn Chong

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