Jun 5, 2017

Duterte pays visit to RWM attack, assailant was already identified

Duterte pays visit to RWM attack, assailant was already identified
President Duterte must be an ironman to endure all the strenuous itineraries he had for the past few weeks. Right after he visited the injured soldiers in Cagayan de Oro, President Duterte visited the victims and their families on the Resorts World Manila attack.

Duterte went to the Veronica Memorial Chapel as there were 9 casualties who were placed in the said funeral home. Duterte offered the government’s help to the victims of the said attack. President Duterte believes that the attacker was suffering from mental issues basing in video clips that the surveillance camera captured.

President Duterte also said that the attacker did not intent to kill. He also added that this is not an ISIS attack.

Although the ISIS claimed the attack, President Duterte countered the group’s statement. “The work of ISIS is more cruel and brutal. They would just simply kill people for nothing. Not even for a reason.”

Attacker’s identity revealed

National Capital Region Police Officer Chief Oscar Albayalde confirms the identity of the assailant on the Resorts World Manila attack. Jessie Carlos, a resident of Sta. Cruz, Manila was the man behind the RWM incident.

Carlos was a former Department of Finance employee, and got dismissed over an issue of his Statement of Assets, Liabilities and Networth or SALN. He was dismissed because of not declaring his properties and business interests in his SALN for the years 2007 and 2010.

According to Police Chief Albayalde, Carlos was indebted in a bank of Php 4 million pesos, not including debts from other persons and other private lending institutions.

The authorities reiterated that this is not an act of terrorism but the incident involves only one man.

Sources: Manila Bulletin, GMA News

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