Jun 14, 2017

Netizens agree to Gibo Teodoro’s point of view on Marawi Airstrike

Netizens agree to Gibo Teodoro’s point of view on Marawi Airstrike
Former DND Secretry Gilbert ‘Gibo’ Teodoro justifies the air strike that the government troops execute against the Maute group in Marawi clash these past few days.

Teodoro said that airstrikes were not only used to deactivate the enemies but also to protect the government troops from greater danger. The former secretary also stated that the airstrikes helps to end the actions between the terrorists and government forces than extending the fights.

Teodoro explained that it is a ‘legitimate tool’ when the engagement commander determines that the use of airstrike is apt and suitable on the intensity of threat.

“Damage to property is an unfortunate consequence not only of airstrikes but of any weapon, yet we must ask what piece of property is worth the life of a single soldier?”

Netizens agree to what Fomer Sec. Teodoro said. The Facebook post that contains Teodoro’s statement gained netizens attention, and most of them agree to what Teodoro stated.

Here are some of the responses on Teodoro’s post:

Vic Burgos says that this will clear the minds of those who don’t understand the real situation in Marawi, while FB user Eliza Aleciodan hopes that Teodoro’s post will enlighten the sectors who call for shutting the airstrike ops. Philipp Lara said that the government needed to ‘amputate’ the affected part so that it will not consume the whole body.
Screenshot from Facebook
Others expressed their gratitude to the former secretary for speaking out and some agrees that the lives of the innocent civilians and soldiers will never return.

Screenshot from Facebook
To Lelly de Asis, airstrike is a bitter pill that will heal Marawi.

Source: Gilbert ‘Gibo’ Teodoro

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