Jun 2, 2017

Shooting and robbing incident in Resorts World Manila on Thursday night, Gunman killed himself

Shooting and robbing incident in Resorts World Manila on Thursday night, Gunman killed himself
PASAY CITY-- The famous Resorts World Manila was bombarded by a shooting incident, causing the guests and people in the resort to panic, a stampede occurred. There was an attempt to rob out casino chips equivalent to P113 million at the hotel’s casino. PNP Chief Ronald Dela Rosa assured that this incident is not a terrorist attack, and it was just inflicted by only one person.

According to the CNN report, the perpetrator forcibly entered the hotel, straight ahead to the casino at RWM and started shooting a video screen and put the gambling tables on fire. There was no reported incident that the attacker fired at the people in casino.

The injured individual reached up to about 30 persons, though no one was killed. The police started its operations on 4 am to run after the perpetrator, according to the Resorts Chief Operating Officer Stephen Reilly.

The guests and employees forced their way out of the resort and the resort was barred to prevent the suspect from fleeing.

One of the witnesses, Jay Dones, said that the incident happened on Thursday midnight when the gunman fired his gun in the air. He also said that the employees saw two masked men carrying firearms and a bottle, allegedly a fuel, then started to pour the content of the bottle on tables and set on fire.

Due to the incident, NAIA terminals were placed on lockdown  because the resorts location is nearby NAIA .

Checkpoints were also conducted in Quezon City to maximize police visibility and to secure the City.

Resorts World Manila, also known as RWM is a famous multifaceted structure in Metro Manila due to its grandiose interior and exterior design, and also a shopping center which offers branded high end items. The RWM also houses fancy restaurants, movie houses and stores.

A few hours ago, PNP Chief Dela Rosa said that the gunman burned himself to death after the committing a shooting incident.

Source: CNN

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