Jun 9, 2017

This selfless soldier sacrificed his own life to save many lives in Marawi City

This selfless soldier sacrificed his own life to save many lives in Marawi City
In the SibEx Facebook Page, a story of a mighty, selfless soldier was narrated. Private First Class Dhan Ryan Bayot, a 24 year old, was part of a team of nine (9) soldiers from the 51st Infantry Battalion, stationed in Lilod, Marawi City. They were tasked to provide security in the town mayor’s residence.
This selfless soldier sacrificed his own life to save many lives in Marawi City
Private First Class Dhan Ryan Bayot

The team were attacked by the rebels, that the gunfires came from both sides of the road, and from the mayor’s house. By that time, they assumed that the rebels have entered the mayor’s house was and the security personnel must have been on the side of the terrorists. The team were clueless and also, was surprised on the unexpected attack.

The survivor also narrated that five out of the 9-man team were already dead. The three were able to escape left their station.

“Now alone and with nary a scratch, he radioed his commanding officer for reinforcement but no one came. A few hours later, he called again. The commanding officer told him that reinforcements attempted twice, but they couldn’t get through as the only passage to him was heavily entrenched by the enemies,” SibEx Facebook page posted.

Bayot gave his location to the troops and said to his commanding officer to just bomb his location so that they will be able to neutralize the enemies. “Bombahin nalang ninyo ang location ko Sir!,”(Just bomb my location Sir!) he said to his commanding officer.

His body,  and the other eight team members were retrieved on May 28, 2017. There were no bullet wounds on Pvt. 1st Class Bayot’s body, but his face experience a trauma, and a slash on his neck. The terrorists might have found the selfless soldier and beat his face up and knifed him.

Pvt. 1st Class Bayot’s body was buried on June 2. The President visited the bereaved family and awarded a posthumus medal for Pvt. 1st Class  Dhan Ryan Bayot, P 250,000 aid and a pledge to finance the surviving family members education.

The President asked how can be of help to Bayot’s family, Sgt. Larry Bayot, his father, asked if the President could help to enlist his younger brother in the Army, but the President suggested that he should finish college before entering the Armed Forces or the PNP

Pvt. 1st Class Dhan Ryan Bayot just gave the visayan word another meaning- a self-sacrificing, courageous warrior who’s willing to give his life in order to defend the people and his country from the armed rebels and terrorists.

Source: SibEx

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