Jun 6, 2017

An OFW committed suicide after revealing that she was raped by her dad, brother and uncle

An OFW committed suicide after revealing that she was raped by her dad, brother and uncle
WARNING: The video contains sensitive language, and sexual content.

“Minolestiya ako ng tatay ko, Minolestiya ako ng kapatid kong panganay, ni-rape ako ng tito ko, motherside.”

Rape is one of the serious cases that some unfortunate women suffer. During the time of Pres. Joseph Estrada, a certain father was convicted and was sentenced to death when found guilty of raping his own daughter.

Pitchie Inoue, another rape victim, exposed that her own family members took advantage of her and molested her and did all filthy and lascivious acts to her.

According to her, her father, brother and uncle and one more family friend raped her while she was still in the Philippines. Even her mother knew about it but she opted to act blind and ignored the trouble that Inoue was into. She also said that her mother must be ashamed if that scandalous and immoral act will taint their family’s reputation in their village.

Inoue was able to rise up to all those savage and scandalous abuse that happened to her. But the trauma was deeply rooted in her heart. She was troubled with the abusive experience she had with her so called family.

“Walang pamilya, dahil ang pamilya hindi ginagawa ang mga bagay na yon.”

In the video, Inoue said that she will commit suicide as to ‘their wish.’

She also had a message for her mother. “At sa mahal kong nanay, mommy bakit? Bakit sila ang iningatan mo, alam mo na naman pala. Wala kang ginawa. Nahihiya kayo, sa mga tao- na baka mapahiya kayo at pagtawanan tayo, kayo! Hindi niyo ba inisip kung ano ang nararamdaman ko, every day, pagtulog, paggising sa umaga, yung galit ko sa sarili ko na bakit ako nagpauto, nakinig sa inyo.”

Before she committed suicide, she said, “That’s for you Kuya Joey.” She later expressed gratitude for her husband for accepting her even though she had that dark past.

Her video was currently trending in Facebook with more than 440,000 views in different FB pages.

PS: DOJ, GABRIELA, PNP and NBI. Please do something.

Watch full video below:

Source: Viral4Real

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