Jun 1, 2017

Tuloy pa rin ang Martial law! 17th Congress approves Duterte’s Martial Law declaration

Tuloy pa rin ang Martial law! 17th Congress approves Duterte’s Martial Law declaration
The 17th Congress passed the resolution approving the martial law declaration in whole island of Mindanao by President Rodrigo Duterte on May 31,2017.

The representatives were able to hear a briefing from the Cabinet Members of the President and the Committee of the Whole decided for it’s approval. The reason for approval on President’s declaration in suspending the writ of habeas corpus and to enforce martial law in Mindanao for sixty days was the House of Representative ‘finds no reason to revoke’ the said declaration.

The resolution cited that the proclamation was made and the house see the ‘sufficiency of the factual basis’ after meeting with the cabinet members.

In addition to that, 50 congressmen from Mindanao pledged their support by signing a manifesto on Duterte’s declaration in Mindanao

GMA News reported that the Mindanao bloc understood that Duterte cited the declaration because of numerous encounters between the military and the Maute group, the overpower the unruly conduct of the rebels and in order to maintain the safety of the Mindanaoans.

Congresman Rodriguez said that martial law will be “an appropriate measure to prevent the spilling over of lawless elements.” He futher said that the case in Marawi isn’t isolated because there were areas that were influenced by the Maute Group.

“The growing influence of ISIS is there), so it’s important, since it started in Mindanao, it has to be contained in Mindanao and finished in Mindanao, so as not to spread to the rest of the country,” said the congressman.

Source: GMA News

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