Jul 26, 2017

New York Univ Alumnus slams University of Oxford and Ressa for the “Duterte Trolls” issue

New York Univ Alumnus slams University of Oxford and Ressa for the “Duterte Trolls” issue
A study by academics from the University of Oxford claims Duterte's camp paid US$200,000 or P10 million for a social media campaign in which volunteers and paid persons or groups used social media accounts to promote him or defend him against critics. (Rappler)
Krizette Laureta Chu slams Oxford University and Maria Ressa who claimed that President Duterte expends $200,00 for the alleged Duterte trolls.

The study that the Oxford conducted titled “Troops, trolls and troublemakers: A global inventory of organized social media manipulation” looked at how political parties and candidates across 28 countries deploy "cyber troops" who use a variety of strategies, tools and techniques to shape public opinion which includes the Philippines.

However, Krizette Laureta Chu, argued and demanded the two to prove the money trail of the said trolls and promised to give the said money to the soldiers and their families.

Krizette Chu also added that if the information of Oxford and Ressa is factual, then where did all the budget for Chu went?

Krizette Chu was one of the prominent social media netizen who were being accused as Duterte Trolls.

Read full post below.

Dear University of Oxford and Maria Ressa, may I ask a favor? 
Can you point me to the direction of the company that dispenses money for Duterte's trolls? 
I promise to funnel the money back to the fund for our soldiers' families (or the wounded). Just please, please, I've been hearing about this money and I've never seen a single cent of it. 
And I think in the spirit of fairness everybody here would agree that I'm in the "tier 5" (not my words, k?) of Duterte's trolls, so where is my f*cking money please. 
I also volunteer the payment that's supposedly given to the other Duterte trolls. I am sure RJ Nieto Sass Rogando Sasot Mark Lopez Ethel PinedaBruce Villafuerte Rivera Antonio P. Contreras Darwin Cañete MJ Quiambao Reyes Rocky Gonzales etc will all not mind if I'm going to collect on their behalf and use the money to help the widows. 
I need a slice of that $200,000! Give it! Divulge the person who gives away money to Duterte trolls!

Source: Krizette Laureta Chu 

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