Aug 1, 2017

Retired major: 'CHR must be abolished, they work not for the people but for the Liberals'

Retired major: 'CHR must be abolished, they work not for the people but for the Liberals'
Retired soldier Abe Purugganan wrote in his Facebook account his observation on the Commission on Human Rights. The President has called for the elimination of CHR. The said institution has been against the government forces especially on those who work on the anti-drug operations.

Purugganan stated that instead of protecting the rights of the people, the CHR just protected the political and economic interest of the Liberals or the Yellow Party.

He also added that even if the Commission claims to play a vital role in the government by providing checks and balances, their purpose was tainted for they only come after the enemies of the yellows and make sure that the favor goes to the liberals. Instead of giving justice to the oppressed, they cause chaos, sedition, insurrection, and rebellion.

Purugganan agreed that the CHR should be abolished, and the 1987 Constitution must be revised since these were established and made to protect the Liberals.

See full post of Mr. Purugganan.

The CHR is an example of a body that was established thru the 1987 constitution to protect the political and economic interest and agenda of the liberals / the yellows.

They invoke their independence and non-partisanship but obviously they represent and work for the benefit of the yellows/liberals. They work for the interest of the UNCHR and Liberal International.

The claim to be part of our system of checks and balances but in reality, they check the enemies of the liberals and make sure that the balance will always be on the side of the liberals. The claim to be a watchdog but in reality, they are protector of the criminal enterprise and terrorist organizations in this country. They are the guardian of the liberal party/ the 'yellows'. They are instrument of chaos, sedition, insurrection, and rebellion. They are instrument of western imperialism.

CHR should be abolished. And so with the 1987 Constitution which is illegal since its promulgation. It was designed to oppressed our people and protect the 'yellows" and the oligarchy.

The 1987 Constitution is a stumbling block for real change. It does represent the sovereign will of the Filipino people. Therefore, it must be trashed and a new constitution has to be made.

The agency stressed that it is an independent and nonpartisan office established by the 1987 Constitution.

Source: Abe Purugganan

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