Jul 26, 2017

This kind hearted man pledges P10 million medical equipment to AFP Medical Center

Insurance companies consultant Tinton Deveza pledges P10 million medical equipment to AFP Medical Center
Since President Duterte was elected, and even during the campaign period, Duterte expressed his intent to support the Armed Forces of the Philippines. Monetary benefits were leveled up for the peacekeepers on Duterte’s first year in the service.

However, the AFP, as well as the other agencies of the government, needed a lot of funding and resources to provide a better and sound service to the people.

During the last SONA, the President mentioned that July last year, he visited the AFP Medical Center in Davao and the President realized that the said medical center lacks of medical equipments and decent facility for the treatment of the wounded soldiers. “I was elected June 30. Nag-oath ako sa July, nagpunta na ako sa Davao, sa AFP Medical Center. Nakuwento ko na po ito sa inyo? Hindi pa? Tapos sabi ko: “I’m quite familiar, kasi I signed a lot of… noong mayor ako eh. Sabi ko: “May MRI ba kayo?” sabi ko. Sabi niya: “Wala sir.” Sabi ko: “May state of the art ba kayo na x-ray?” Sabi niya: “Wala sir.” Sabi ko: “May hyperbaric ba kayo?” That’s the chamber where you are placed inside, iyong if suffer the bends, iyong – you are the… nagdi-deep dive ka. But it is also high pressure that can arrest gangrene, especially those who are extracted from the field of battle about two days na, gangrene sets in. So they are placed there and it can work miracles for our wounded soldier,” said President Duterte during his SONA.

Tinton Deveza, a known Insurance companies consultant, posted in his Facebook account pledging the HYPERBARIC OXYGEN CHAMBER for the use of the soldiers who were wounded on armed operations. Netizens extolled Deveza for doing such and his act of goodwill was being appreciated by the netizens.

This kind hearted man pledges P10 million medical equipment to AFP Medical Center

This kind hearted man pledges P10 million medical equipment to AFP Medical Center

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Hyberbaric Oxygen Chamber

President Duterte in his SONA narrated: Addressing the AFP Medical Hospital, "Do you have a Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber in this hospital? It works wonders in healing gangrene and in post-amputation procedure ..."

Mr. President, I am hereby donating to AFP Medical Facility this state-of-the-art HYPERBARIC OXYGEN CHAMBER for the use of our soldiers who have been wounded in wars. Dr. Jojo, your doctor at V. Luna Hospital would know how to operate it. (This chamber was worth over P10 Million.)

Mr. President Duterte, kindly accept this humble donation. My family and I would be overjoyed when you accept it.

(May I ask Menchu Abada or Willie Torres na ipa-abot etong donation na eto to Pres. Duterte thru your connections. Btw, the man inside the chamber is not included in the donation.)

Source: Tinton Deveza

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