Aug 3, 2017

Celebrity Richard Parojinog cries justice for family killed in Ozamiz drug raid

Celebrity Richard Parojinog cries justice for family killed in Ozamiz drug raid
Richard Parojinog, who was nicknamed as “ Mr. Pastillas” after his appearance on “ It’s Showtime” with Angelica Yap a.k.a. “Pastillas Girl,” yet again made his impressions when he cried justice after the killings of his relative in the drug raid conducted in Ozamis City. Mayor Parojinog was killed and other 15 persons.

The said raid according to Vice Mayor Nova Princess Parojinog-Echavez was fabricated. She said that the authorities allegedly cut off the wires of their CCTVs and implanted drugs in their house. But, citizens of Mindanao were supposedly satisfied with the arrest and the raid operation.

Stated by Philippine Entertainment Portal, Richard Parojinog expressed on his Twitter that he is seeking for justice about what happened to his family. Here’s a screen capture has taken by the source on Richard’s Twitter account:

Richard’s father is Ricardo Parojinog, who is the City Councilor and presently hiding from the authorities. Their family and relatives have long been revealed by Duterte to be related to the illegal drug trade.

Moreover, Mayor Parojinog and his wife Vice Mayor Nova have been involved in graft charges. The cases that have been accused against them had already ended and have managed to evade. According to the report from ABS CBN News, they were arrested by the Sandiganbayan for the controversial involvement in the construction of a gymnasium.

The slain Mayor Reynaldo "Aldong" Parojinog is the brother of Richard Parojinog's father. Richard’s Tweeter received many reactions from netizens, mostly are criticizing him and his family.

According to the Netizens, the victims of the Parojinog’s drug trade have been given justice. But some still have pity in Richard and gave their condolences. The source gathered some comments, here they are:

Source: TNP

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