Aug 2, 2017

DLSU historian slams Kiko, LP people: 'Bakit gusto nyo bang malagasan ng buhay ang kapulisan?'

DLSU historian slams Kiko, LP people: 'Bakit gusto nyo bang malagasan ng buhay ang kapulisan?'
Since the Parojinog incident was well publicized, the LP people seemed to grab any opportunity to use it as an ace to strike the administration.

Van Ybiernas said that he understands if the LP’s strategy is to show that there’s no happenstance between the Parojinogs and that some family members were killed. He also acknowledged the fact that the LP supports the Parojinogs.

But what Ybiernas was bothered was the ridiculous side comment of the Yellows on why is it that the operation resulted in zero casualties on the part of the government forces. And to his disbelief that these honorable politicians wanted dead police from the said raid.

Senator Kiko Pangilinan earlier said that the raid done by PNP was unrealistic as there were no casualties nor injuries on the police side.

“Serving warrants of arrest past 2 a.m. Disabling the closed-circuit TV (CCTV) cameras prior to entering the premises. All 15 suspected drug lords at the scene of the crime and their ‘armed to the teeth’ bodyguards are killed. No injuries or casualties on the side of the PNP. Hindi makatotohanan,” Pangilinan said.

Ybiernas stressed out that in every single operation of our government forces, they are risking their lives and it is very ironic that some of the honorable senators would want the police dead.

See full post below of Van Ybiernas:

What is wrong with these LP people?

I understand their gameplan is to show that there was no encounter as the younger Parojinog claims, and that the elder Parojinog and others were liquidated. Naiintindihan ko yung part na yan. Siyempre supporter nila at malamang e financial contributor pa ang mga Parojinog, kaya kailangan full support ang mga drug lord coddlers na ito na taga LP.

Pero ang di ko maintindihan ay ang mga komento ng mga ulol na bakit walang casualty ang mga pulis? Ayan na naman e! Ayaw ko na nga magmura pero t*nginang gagong yan! Gusto pala talaga e malagasan ng buhay ang kapulisan! Ang expectation pala ay tuwing may operation dapat may patay na pulis! Anong kaput*nginahan ito?

Seriously! Buhay ang itinataya ng mga pulis para maubos ang masasamang loob tapos may mga senador na gustong mamatay sila tuwing may operation!

Something is unbelievably off here and it's not the dead drug lords!

Source/s: Van Ybiernas, Inquirer

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