Aug 2, 2017

Former UN delegate and a political comms expert reveals the stinks of the Parojinogs

Former UN delegate and a political comms expert reveals the stinks of the Parojinogs
“If you are from Cebu and hindi ka naman living under the rock, you should and you would know the Parojinog’s are the crème de la crème of the drug trade in Visayas and Mindanao.”  Mike Acebedo Lopez strong statement.

Mike Acebedo Lopez, a political communications professional, who posted a live video on his Facebook account. This man has personal facts about the Ozamis City Mayor Parojinog. He identified Parojinog as a drug lord. He also shared his personal experience in dealing with the Parojinog.

In the said Facebook live video, he called Rappler owner, a Facebook based social media page a “SHIT” for altering the wish and truth for the Vice Mayor of Ozamis City, also a drug lord suspect to just commit suicide behind bars.

These are what Mike said on his Facebook account. He also posted a live video to reveal facts about Parojinog’s:

This is the summarized video that Mike posted: 

“Why am I so happy that the Parojinogs have fallen?

The success of President Rody Duterte's War on Drugs means so much to me because, apart of course from the fact that the illegal drug trade has corrupted every facet of Filipino society, I have two very personal reasons:

1) I was nearly killed by a drug addict who mugged me and left me for dead in 2001. I was a campaign volunteer for a monkey for a senator who is now so noisy, brandishing his idiocy for all the world to see. You have to watch the video for context.

2) I was actually in Ozamiz in the months before the 2010 elections to support my best friend's mom Connie Lim who dared face the Parojinogs. I worked with women, senior citizens, and youth volunteers who believed change can be had through the electoral process. Tita Connie led in all the surveys, her lead surely insurmountable; alas, the Parojinogs used their guns, goons, and connections in government to intimidate, cheat, subvert the will of the people and eventually further perpetuate themselves into power.

I experienced all that firsthand. So Rappler's slanted story focusing on one anonymous relative (assuming that relative actually exists) is a grave insult to the people who have been waiting for this for years.

Suffice it to say, this victory against them, this is personal. If I was there I would've pulled the trigger myself and left no one alive.”- Mike Acebedo Lopez.

Source: Mike Acebedo Lopez,

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