Aug 4, 2017

Blog, Filipinos want Chief Espenido to take rounds in the country: 'Go first to Iloilo then Naga City'

Blog, FIlipinos want Chief Espenido to take rounds in the country: 'Go first to Iloilo then Naga City'
The Facebook blog 'We are Collective' shows it support to Chief Jovie Espenido. Though the Chief was being attacked by the supporters of the Parojinog, he was also commended because he was the first PNP Chief to take down the Mafia of Mindanao.

WAC stated that Espenido should clean the entire country. Out of the entire police chiefs, WAC said that Espenido was very effective as a chief of law enforcers. WAC also said that Espenido should be supported the government in his crusade to push the Anti illegal Drug campaign of the administration.

WAC suggested that Espenido must be transferred to Iloilo, another shabu saturated city, and to Naga City. WAC stressed out that the Politics and police work must not overlap. The WAC expressed their full support to Espenido, as the police chief showed that he has to accomplish his duties without any hesitation and uncertainty.

Commenters of the blog also concurred that Chief Espenido must take rounds in the country. Netizens suggested different cities and provinces that Espenido should go next.

"Sir Espinido next candidate is Iloilo or Naga, Illegal Drug Trafficking are rampant in these areas [and] they must be eliminated soon," one netizen commented.

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Jovy Espenido should do the rounds nationwide. The guy's so effective he shouldn't even be allowed to retire. He should be given an army. He should be given tanks and heavy artillery. He should be given full logistical support.

He doesn't cry on TV and make erring cops do stupid push ups. He doesn't do stupid TV guestings in noontime shows that will turn him into a clown. He doesn't politicize and tolerate epal and drug protecting subordinates under his command.

He f*cking waits. And he delivers.

Transfer him to Iloilo first. Then bring this guy to Naga City.

What we have here are billboard posing police commanders who do nothing but dabble in politics and waste time in premature campaigning while the big drug lords are free to roam the streets untouched. All because they are tolerated by a PNP boss who may be spending more time angling and preparing for a political post upon his retirement then doing his job.

Politics and police work should not mix. Political ambition is the death of police duty.

Bring Espenido to Bicol. We shall welcome him with open arms.


Source: We are Collective

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