Aug 8, 2017

Youth group demands for Bautista's resignation: 'You are not anymore a role model for the Filipino youth'

Youth group demands for Bautista's resignation: 'You are not anymore a role model for the Filipino youth'
Duterte Youth, a group of young people which supports the administration of Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte, couldn't help but to demand resignation of COMELEC Chairman Andres Bautista after his wife exposed his alleged scandals.

The groups is led by Ronald Cardema. Cardema accused Bautista that supposed 'ill-gotten wealth' of the latter came from corrupt politicians last 2016 elections.

"If you're the Chairman of the Commission on Elections (appointed just this 2015 & in-charge of the entire 2016 elections) & your wife/mother-of-all-your-beloved-children presents that you nearly have P1 Billion of amassed wealth, hindi naman siguro sa Customs, Drugs, Revolutionary Tax, or Jueteng nakuha yang ganyang pera, syempre sa elections, 2016 elections!," said Cardema.

Furthermore, the youth organization also pinpointed Bautista of rigging the 2016 election results

"President Rodrigo Duterte won 20 million votes and not just 16 million in the previous presidential polls," the group stated.

“Yes we believe, in the facts of the Philippine Computer Society, which is composed of computer experts of the Philippines. They have showed us that there really is something wrong with the results. Mayor Duterte should have gotten majority votes,” said Duterte Youth chairman, Ronald Cardema.

The group indict the election service provider Smartmatic for the alleged irregularity.

“One of the facts we saw was one of the computers from the precincts up to the computers of the Complex Central Office there was a computer of Smartmatic an intermediary server which was not in the approved system allowed by our government,” Cardema added.

Check out full letter below of Duterte Youth regarding their request for Bautista's resignation:

Source/s: UNTV Web, Wikipedia, Glenn Chong, Duterte Youth

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