Sep 7, 2017

Bagong modus ng mga kriminal: Gunmen 'dressed as policemen' kill three

Modus ng mga kriminal: Gunmen 'dressed as policemen' kill three
Photo from James Agustin

Makati City- Gunmen riding a motorcycle were reportedly wearing police uniforms when they killed three people on Tuesday.

The deceased were 32-year-old parking attendant Reynante Gutierrez, 38-year-old construction worker Noriel Camposano, and former jeepney driver Robert Tuso.

The shootings happened past midnight in Sunrise Street, Brgy La Paz.

The victims, according to Police Community Precinct 2 commander Senior Inspector Valmark Funelas were merely standing at the side of the street when gunmen riding two motorcycles came and open fired.

16 shell casings and a 9mm pistol slug were recovered from the crime scene.

According to Funelas, Gutierrez and Camposano have already surrendered to the police under the Tokhang Operations, and Gutierrez has also been jailed for a gambling charge.

A witness said the gunmen were dressed in uniforms.

Makati City Police refused to comment on the witness' claims.

Source: GMA News

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